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To develop a comprehensive financial plan for your future, it's important for your retirement planner to have a clear understanding of your goals and the progress you have made in obtaining them. An open, honest discussion allowing you to understand your options and consider strategies that can lead to quality of life in retirement, is a great way to begin the process of gaining the retirement you’ve dreamed about. A writtem retirement plan is often invaluable for establishing goals, organization, forcasting and to monitor progress. We encourage our clients to utilize written plans to strengthen their lifestyle in retirement. At Armor Financial we specialize in assisting you to retire with peace of mind and realize the value of the retirement you’ve worked hard to have.

At Armor Financial we offer the following services and processes as we work to help you to plan, protect and provide


Wealth Accumulation

In the years leading up to retirement and as you enter retirement the process and strategy that you use for wealth accumulation is important. A structured portfolio that addresses your time frame, risk tolerance and objectives as well as matches your personal identity as an investor is key to reaching your financial goals. Timing when you restructure accounts from accumulation to utilization at this time is key. You may have multiple retirement accounts in different places as well as accounts and assets that are not in retirement accounts but that are designated for retirement. At Armor Financial we assist you in coordinating all of your accounts to complement each other for a common goal of meeting retirement objectives.

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Asset Protection

In 2008 and 2009 we saw that equity and fixed income asset classes both domestic and global can move in tandem with one another. In essence we have experienced market conditions in which there is little safety anywhere, even for diversified portfolios.

Twenty-first century asset protection calls for more than asset allocation. Utilizing strategies for a certain portion of your asset base, which can protect your net worth from loss of principal early in retirement and provide consistent income is considered a wise thing to do. You may want to "pensionize" a certain portion of your assets for guaranteed income to meet your day to day needs.

Diversifying your retirement assets among a variety of investment vehicles including bank type, portfolio and insurance based dependent on your situation and who you are, may offer you the best chance of meeting your retirement income goals.

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Income Planning

Thanks to advances in medical science, people are living longer than ever before. This is fantastic, however a drawback to a longer life is the possibility of outliving your savings, causing all the more reason to develop a retirement income plan designed to last for long life.

In retirement, wealth is equal to income.  Having a consistent source of income that you can rely on, provides peace of mind and will free you to focus on activities and interest that allow for quality of life.

At Armor Financial we help you design an income plan utilizing both insurance based products and portfolio management, to create opportunities for long-term growth as well as consistent income throughout your retirement.

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IRA & 401(K) Rollovers


When you change jobs or retire, there are four things you can do with the money in your employer-sponsored retirement plan:

  • Leave the money where it is
  • Take the money out of the plan (and pay income taxes and perhaps a 10% federal penalty tax if you are younger than age 59½ )
  • Transfer the money to another employer plan (if the plan allows)
  • Roll the money over into an IRA

Rolling over from one qualified plan to another qualified plan allows your money to continue growing tax-deferred until you start taking distributions in retirement. We can help you determine if a rollover is the right move for you and if appropriate help find the best vehicle to conserve and grow your rollover assets.

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Social Security Planning

Social Security is a valuable asset and should be managed as such. In most cases it is an important component in a retirees income plan. The planning process that we use with clients helps to answer the following questions:

- How is my benefit determined and at what age should I apply?
- How can I maximize the benefit and make it meaningful based on my objectives?
- What happens if I wait to take it after full retiremet age and what are the pros and cons of doing so?
- How can social security provide the most for my spouse in life and at my death?
- What about COLA's, divorced spouse benefits and survivor benefits?
- How will continuing to work after I begain taking benefits affect my benefit and how will benefits affect income taxes?
- How can I best coordinate social security with other retirement income sources?
- When does it make sense to delay taking benefits?
- What are innovative strategies for maximizing benefits with my spouse? 
To find out if something is missing in your current financial planning call us today at 985-845-2922 and we will be happy to help you!  

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Retirement Lifestyle Coaching

At Armor Financial we believe that retirement coaching is really life planning and should involve investigation of a number of key areas in life as they apply to retirement. We recommend that as you approach retirement, you examine the following key life areas and we work with clients to support them in the examination and strategy process.
Education and Intellectual Growth Financial
Health and Fitness       Home
Leisure and Recreation  Relationships
Spirituality  Community and Charity
Career and Work  

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Long Term Care

As the oldest Baby Boomers enter retirement they are coming to terms with the reality that they may well require long term care assistance before the end of their lives. Government studies reveal that over half of Americans will require some form of long term care and assistance during their lives first and foremost. Everyone needs a long term care plan. It may be funded through savings and other assets when available, or you may want to transfer this risk to an insurance company. Now more than ever, there are a number of innovative financial tools to assist in transferring this risk and in putting a long term care plan into place. At Armor Financial we help you to understand your options for long term care and to create a plan that matches who you are, based on your specific circumstances.

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Tax Planning

In the US, we are entering an environment of higher tax rates. That’s why it’s important now more than ever before, to incorporate tax planning into your portfolio strategies and all of your financial decisions.

Utilizing tax deferred and tax efficient vehicles in retirement asset management when possible, provides a greater opportunity for wealth accumulation. Reducing taxes through any means the government allows is a citizens right as well as a responsibility. At Armor Financial our efforts to plan, protect and provide take advantage of concepts and strategies to minimize taxes.

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IRA Legacy Planning

IRA accounts have become one of the largest forms of assets inherited by beneficiaries. If you don’t anticipate needing your IRA money in retirement, you may wish to consider an IRA legacy planning strategy to reduce taxes and increase the amount your beneficiaries will inherit upon your death.

A properly structured legacy IRA may provide your beneficiaries a regular stream of income, while leaving the balance of IRA assets invested for tax-deferred growth. The result may yield substantially more money paid out over the course of your beneficiary’s lifetime. We can help evaluate your financial situation to determine if IRA legacy planning may be an appropriate method for ensuring a long-lasting inheritance for your heirs.

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Charitable Giving

Creating a charitable gift giving plan can fulfill your desire to be philanthropic as well as provide tax benefits. Some of these benefits involve an income tax deduction, the avoidance of capital gains on highly appreciated assets and no estate taxes on the charitable gift upon your death. Certain forms of charitable gifting strategies also allow for an income stream to you during life from the asset donated to charity, as well as a tax deduction.

With the increasing tax environment expected in the U.S. in coming years, there may be compelling reasons to integrate philanthropy into your financial and estate planning.

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Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance planning is an important part of planning for life and is often relevant in retirement planning, particularly if you will have access to a pension in retirement. Life insurance in retirement often takes on additional roles beyond the traditional role of providing protection, so that a family can stay in their same world should the death of a primary bread earner occur. If structured and managed correctly, it can also be a great way to provide tax efficient retirement income. 

Every ones situation is unique. A personal plan that matches who you are and provides for your family can be designed to accommodate your budget, using the spectrum of innovative options that the life insurance industry offers today.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of structuring your assets to provide maximum efficiency in transferring to heirs at minimum expense and effort. Without a properly structured estate plan, your wishes may not be fulfilled and your family and others you care about could be affected needlessly both emotionally and financially.

Each estate plan is unique and should be designed to reflect the specific needs and objectives of the individual or couple. At Armor Financial we assist and support you in this process as well as introduce you to experienced estate attorneys in our area.

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