The Power of a 3 Step Review

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The Power of a 3 Step Review

We encourage a three step review whenever you have a financial decision to make. The components of a three step review are; how will this decision affect my taxes, how will this decision affect my cash flow and how will this decision affect my exposure to risk. A detailed conversation with you about how taxes, cash flow and risk are impacting you currently involves the following. 

The first step is a review of your tax return to examine your current tax situation. We identify pitfalls such as incorrect applications of taxable and tax-deferred strategies, as well as a discovery of missed opportunities for offsetting gains and losses. Utilizing gains and losses to minimize tax could be as simple as selling a losing stock to offset a capital gain on a mutual fund. The income tax segment of our review can help you implement an effective strategy to reduce or eliminate taxes and find money falling through the tax cracks, now and ongoing.

The second step is a cash flow analysis to determine if you have your income sources maximized for return and in the most tax efficient manner. If you have adequate income sources in place now to meet your needs, have you prepared for inflation and the negative effect it will have on your income in the future?

The third step is a risk analysis to make sure your current investment risk exposure, is one you are truly comfortable with and appropriate for your portfolio. Research shows that people make poor decisions and experience losses, because they actually are taking on more risk than they are aware of. Often they determine that they are uncomfortable with their actual risk level at a volatile time in the investment, which leads to a poorly timed decision. Our simple but thorough analysis in this segment of our 3 Step Review, will assure you of your actual risk comfort level and help you avoid losses you are not prepared to experience or were not aware you were exposed to.

The wonderful benefit of out 3 Step Review is that the process applies to any financial decision you have and it helps to stop your money from falling through the cracks. It assures that any major financial decision is right for you.

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